Wroxton College Alumni


From Dean Nicholas Baldwin 

WINTER 2015/2016

Dear Friends,

Wroxton College’s 50th Anniversary

What a year! Thank you, alumni and friends for making Wroxton College’s 50th anniversary year a wonderful success. From our 50 Hours of Giving and Wroxton Tree Campaign, to the 50th Anniversary Alumni Reunion in Florham, New Jersey, and Summer Getaway at Wroxton, your response was overwhelming. I am deeply grateful to all of you, and I hope you will join me as we build on this momentum moving forward.

In this Issue

In the latest issue of the Wroxton Experience newsletter, we feature Wroxton alumna Ann Minski, BA’79, and her life-long friendship with Sarah Hillman whom she met in a primary school in Banbury nearly 40 years ago, Wroxton student Savannah Lloyd in "Notes from Wroxton" and a special message about next year’s reunion from Ken Malagiere, BA’05, member of the Wroxton Advisory Committee. And I do hope you will join us for the 2016 Wroxton Summer Getaway.

Why Your Support Matters

Running a university college in a 17th-century manor house is not cheap. Restoration projects, academic and travel programs, upkeep of our grounds—all of this comes at a hefty cost each year.

Here’s the good news. Your generous support makes all the difference.

Your donation to The Fund for Wroxton College will directly impact Wroxton by supporting:

**Renovation and restoration projects at the Abbey (bedrooms, bathrooms, chimneys, you name it);

**Travel programs to cultural centers and historical locations (so very important for supporting classroom lessons and broadening the perspective of our students); and

**Student, faculty and staff resources. 

Please give.

For all that the Wroxton experience meant to you, for the friendships you made, the lessons you learned and the memories you cherish today, please make your gift now.

Thank you.

My very best wishes to one and all for the holidays and new year.

Nicholas DJ Baldwin
Dean and Director of Operations
Wroxton College
Fairleigh Dickinson University