Fairleigh Dickinson University's
Campaign for Scholarships

"I'm all about FDU."
FDU Scholar Danielle Reade, BSN'12


Transforming Lives

Scholarships transform lives. You can see it in the life of a single mother who said nursing school would have been out of the question without help. You can see it in our veterans returning from active duty and starting their own businesses. You can see it in the student who is fulfilling a dream of becoming a teacher and making a difference.

The tradition of opportunity has been the cornerstone of FDU since our founding in 1942. From the traditional college student looking to make a mark in the world to the graduate student working to pay off loans while studying at night, the Campaign for Scholarships will ensure that FDU continues to create opportunities for all.

Scholarship funds profoundly impact the lives of students by relieving the burden and stress of loans, building self-esteem, creating opportunities to develop leadership skills, setting the stage for community involvement, teaching the power of personal giving, and so much more. Your gift makes it all happen.

Every scholarship donor has a story to tell - of the professor who recognized a spark, of the coach who imparted life-lessons, of the University that gave them a chance when there was nowhere else to turn. We invite you to share your life and story with our students, to become a part of their journey and help open the way to success.

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