Presidential Search

The Presidential Search Committee has begun interviewing candidates and, if all goes according to plan, the seventh president of the University could be announced in April or May.

The committee is chaired by Robert Hallenbeck, who is vice chair of the FDU Board of Trustees, and includes 14 representatives from a wide range of University constituencies such as faculty, administration, students and alumni.

The University received applications from a diverse pool of more than 70 candidates, including sitting presidents and provosts. The committee met in January to narrow the field down to a short list of candidates to be interviewed in mid-February. Following those interviews, the committee plans to identify one to four finalists to recommend to the board of trustees prior to its March 6 meeting.

If the search committee recommends one finalist, that individual will meet with the board and then University constituent groups in March. If the committee recommends multiple finalists, then the trustees will either select a leading candidate or two to four finalists to meet with the board. If there are multiple finalists, and they all agree to be publicly disclosed, then they all will meet with University constituent groups in April. If there are objections to being publicly disclosed, then the board will select one finalist to meet with University constituent groups.

In a note posted on the presidential search website, Hallenbeck wrote, “I firmly believe this process sets out a fair balance between confidentiality that is expected by candidates in all but the last stage of the process and the interests of all campus constituencies.”

To assist the process and help recruit candidates, the committee retained R. William Funk and Associates, Dallas, Texas, a national firm that specializes in these types of searches.

In the fall, the committee and search firm held several sessions with University constituent groups and two town-hall meetings on the New Jersey campuses to gather input on the potential characteristics of and expectations for the next president. Based on that input, a leadership statement was developed and nominations were sought.

Hallenbeck added, “We are looking for someone who will build upon what Michael Adams did and raise FDU to the next level.”

The chosen candidate will likely start July 1.

For more information and updates throughout the spring semester, check out the presidential search website.