FDU EMBA/MBA Alumni Chapter

Our Vision

To connect all members across the globe and serve as a resource for personal and professional development through networking, community service and best business practices for the greater good of our alumni and society.

Our Mission

To build a network of current and future alumni to share our resources for personal and professional development.

Our Leadership

...is nurtured by our core values and together we form the D-I-S-C Community.

Our Members
  • Alumni Chapter Members
  • Current and Future Alumni
  • Silberman College of Business
  • Local Businesses
  • Professional Networks
Being part of the Fairleigh Dickinson University Silberman College of Business can provide you with so much more than your great experiences on campus. The EMBA/MBA Alumni Chapter can enhance your personal and professional development after graduation, and the connections you can continue to make can last a lifetime.

Upon graduation all graduate students from Silberman College of Business, as well as its current students, are welcome to join the EMBA/MBA Alumni Chapter.

Membership is free, and the benefits are priceless.

For More Information:

FDU Office of Alumni Relations

Judy Till, President, EMBA/MBA Alumni Chapter